Fence Repair, New Fences in Toronto

Are you looking to add security to your house ?
Are you looking to add value to your home by installing a new fence ?
If so, let Top Quality Decks and Fences install your new fence, or repair your existing one.

Top Quality Decks and Fences is a professional construction company that provides
fence installations, and repair services in Toronto, Scarborough, East York,
Thornhill, Ajax, Pickering, North York and surrounding areas.

A fence properly repaired not only adds more security to your house,
but it can give you more privacy in your front or backyard.
Our professionals can repair any fence you have, either small or big.

New fences can make your front or backyard feel like an extension of your house.
When you let our professionals install your new fence, you do not have to worry about the details.
For example, when home owners try to install the fence gates themselves, they tend to undersize the hinges.
As a result, the gates weigh to heavily on them. In contrast, our professionals make sure the hinges are
properly sized to hold enough weight.

Interested in repairing or installing a new fence? Contact us at: 416-567-6431 or e-mail us at:

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