How to plan for a new fence?

If you are the owner of a new house, but do not have a fence,
it is safe to say that you are not in an ideal situation.
A fence will provide security, and privacy to your new home.
Are you currently planning to install a new fence?
If so, let Top Quality Decks and Fences provide you with good advice for your new fence.

Top Quality Decks and Fences is a professional construction company that provides
fence, deck installations, and repair services in Toronto, North York, East York,
Mount Pleasant Areas, Bayview Areas, and surrounding neighbourhoods.

Several factors need to be considered when planning for a new fence.
One of them is fence regulations: maximum height of the fence, locations, styles, and materials.
These regulations vary between neighbourhoods. If you are unsure of your regulations in areas
such as Toronto, Ajax, Pickering, North York, and others, Top Quality Decks and Fences
can certainly provide advice on this regard.

Another factor in planning for a fence is defining its main functionality.
For example, if your main goal is to keep your children safe, or hide a swimming pool,
Top Quality Decks and Fences would recommend a tall wood fence.

One last factor to consider, is to notify your neighbours that a new fence will be installed.
At the same time, it is important to make sure the fence will be on your property, and does not
cross into a neighbour's property.

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