How to maintain your new fence?

A fence is a great way to securely protect your home.
However, fences that are not maintained properly, will not last long.
Are you looking for tips on how to maintain your new fence?
If so, let Top Quality Decks and Fences provide you with good advice for your new fence.

Top Quality Decks and Fences is a professional construction company that provides
fence, deck installations, and repair services in Toronto, North York, East York,
Mount Pleasant Areas, Bayview Areas, and surrounding neighbourhoods.

One maintenance tip for your fence is to apply a sealant, as it will protect your wood.
If your fence is not painted, it is recommended to apply a sealant on a yearly basis.

Another maintenance tip is to frequently trim your plants, as the less weight your fence
has to carry, the more it will last.

Lastly, avoid sprinklers too close to your new fence.
Sprinklers can wet your fence, which may result in rot.

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