Signs it is time to replace your fence

Is your fence still solid and strong ? Is your fence showing signs that a replacement is needed ?
If so, let Top Quality Decks and Fences replace your fence.

Top Quality Decks and Fences is a professional construction company that provides
fence, deck installations, and repair services in Toronto, Scarborough, Ajax,
Pickering, Thornhill, East York, and surrounding areas.

Fences (just like roofs) need to be replaced after several years.
Common signs that your fence needs to be replaced include:
decaying wood, sections of the fence falling down, and missing boards or nails.

When decaying starts, it can spread, and seriously affect your fence. Also, if your fence is
missing sections of it, other pieces may start falling down in a matter of days or weeks.
If the damages of your fence are small, they can be repaired. However, in the long term,
if your fence needs multiple small repairs, it may be cheaper to replace your fence.

Interested in replacing or repairing your fence?
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